2020 Scholarship Recipients 

CONGRATULATIONS to this years Scholarship Recipients!

Scholastic Scholarship Recipients

  • Ryan Albiani

  • Kylie Applemun

  • Soledad Castro

  • Karlye Clement

  • Spencer Francesconi

  • Lauren Henkens

  • Olivia Meyer

  • Hannah Parker

  • Ian Reece

  • Kaleb Roberson

  • Jose Santos

  • Delaney Sarantopulos

  • Emily Sarantopulos

American Ag. Credit Scholarship Recipient

  • Abbie Brown

Agriculture Employee Scholarship Recipients

  • Yamileth Martinez

  • Silvia Rodriguez

Young Farmers and Ranchers Scholarship Recipients

  • Spencer Francesconi

  • Lauren Henkens

  • Hannah Parker

  • Ethan Reece

  • Emily Sarantopulos

Below you will find three different scholarships and their descriptions.
Please click on each different scholarship to read in depth what is required for each of them. 
The deadline to apply for scholarships is April 1, 2020. Scholarships for 2021 will be available beginning in December 2020. 

2020 Scholarship Application


List of the Required documents
Scholastic Scholarship
Ag Employee Scholarship
Career Technical Scholarship

Young Farmers & Ranchers

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