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Third Grade Field Day

Britt Shulleeta

Elk Grove FFA

Nov 7, 2023

In the month of September, the Elk Grove FFA chapter hosted our annual third grade field day. At the event, third grade students from across the city take a field trip to visit the farm at Elk Grove High School. In the process, students are able to dive into what agriculture means at a young age. Various stations are designed to educate future agriculturalists and teach local young minds about the importance of agriculture, especially in California. Stations covered livestock and livestock management, as well as agricultural products and industries such as mechanics, floriculture, and dairy production.

The twelve stations gave presentations about a topic, from students who are actively involved in the topic at Elk Grove High School. For example, a table regarding the floriculture industry was represented by active members of the Elk Grove FFA floral design program. Elementary students spent approximately 4 minutes at each station, learning fun facts and playing industry related games. Activities that third grade students participated in included mock cow milking, name that flower bingo, and even planting a bean sprout to take back to school. All of these activities maintained a common goal: creating a future of encouraged and devoted agriculturalists, with a firm foundation within the FFA. Along with the stations that the Elk Grove FFA chapter set up, Sheldon 4-H made an appearance with a booth regarding information on how to join local 4-H chapters. It is safe to say that each and every third grader

left the farm with a smile on their face, and a newfound interest in the many industries of agriculture.

The impact of this event is significant throughout the community. Current FFA members can more often than not remember their first experiences with agriculture, and here at Elk Grove, third grade field day is commonly this memory. Donors across the state mailed in prizes and trinkets for the third graders to bring home with them, ensuring that the positive impact of this event will be remembered outside of the classroom. Students at Elk Grove Elementary drew the program pictures and recalled their favorite memories of the day. Without question, this event successfully impacted the future of agriculture, and encouraged the young minds of today to think more about the world around them.

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