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Straight from the Farm

starting in 2024

The Sacramento County Farm Bureau will be starting a new fundraiser while showcasing the products of our local farmers. The “Straight from the Farm” fundraiser will be a wine & produce raffle over the summer of 2024 with a drawing every three weeks.  Each raffle drawing will include a Sac Bounty Basket containing at minimum $50 value of fresh produce or products made directly from the farm (jams, goatmilk soap, dried lavender sachets, cornstalk décor, etc) and $100 value of wine.  Entrants will receive a small magnetic raffle calendar that each tear-off sheet will highlight both the farm & winery sponsoring the Sac Bounty Basket prize for that raffle week.  Each raffle drawing with occur on a Monday and the winner will have that week to pick up the Sac Bounty Basket from our SCFB office.  We anticipate running the raffle from June to Sept, dependent on our farm/winery sponsors availability of products. We hope to kick off sales for this new “Straight from the Farm” fundraiser in February 2024.

Tentative design of magnet with a weekly draw page.

Farm Winery Sponsor Image.png

Farm/Winery Sponsors

SCFB is currently accepting Farm/Winery Sponsors.  We are planning for this first year to have 6 drawings which only allows 6 farms and 6 wineries to participate. If more are interested, we may expand the fundraiser to weekly drawings or a longer overall timeframe. This is a great opportunity to advertise your farm or winery.  

To participate, please complete the form and return to our office via mail or email.  We would like all farms and wineries set by Dec 31st.  Farm/Winery Sponsor Letter & Form


If you have questions, please contact our office at or (916) 685-6958.

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