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4-H and FFA Corner

Welcome to The 4-H and FFA Corner!
Youth are encouraged to submit articles based on agricultural topics to be
published Below!
Submissions should include:
Name, 4-H or FFA Chapter Name, Article, and Feature Photo

Is Rain A Good Thing?
By Charlie Cockerham Sheldon4-H
February 2023

Our first Farm to Home lesson is a visual demonstration that illustrates the limits on farmland and making the importance of conservation clear.


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Learn how to make homemade ice cream! A delicious treat for any occasion, made with simple ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store.

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Today we share the proper technique to succulent propagation using the soil and hydroponic methods. Stay tuned as we monitor their growth and continue this lesson in the month's to come.

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Learn the characteristics of a perfect watermelon. Join us as we learn how to pick the best watermelon in the grocery store.

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Learn how to properly germinate seeds in our home under a light while using a seeding heat mat. Stay tuned as we monitor the seeds growth!


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Made with a simple ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store, this is a fun and easy lesson to do at home all while supporting California's number one agricultural commodity, dairy products!

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